When one retires whether with family or not he may find it more comfortable and economical to settle in a high home rather than continue living in a rented apartment, since his children may be unable due to circumstances take good care of their parents. Moving to senior homes is not what most elderly parents want, more so if they have been living in their homes. In the recent days senior living homes have been improved and simplified to cater for the need of the aging persons, from senior assisted living, independent living, and also nursing homes as per the requirement of the elderly person.

Location should be for among the very first thing to think for an older adult living in an independent senior house, this is because he will need assistance from the hospital due to maybe going for a checkup.

Housekeeping duties may be onerous for most seniors, others may have needs such as medication, grooming and even walking, when encountered with such challenges the best option to choose of a senior home is senior assisted living homes, since this services will be provided plus at least three meals a day.

It is, therefore, necessary to make an informed decision when deciding the best home to take an elderly person, that will not only be comfortable for him but also will improve his living standards, based on the requirements and needs of the senior person.

Most elderly persons do understand what they want that is their own needs, and it is known that location, and size o f the apartment plus whether the apartment is shared or private are the primary determiners of the cost of the senior home, with that information in mind it becomes easy to make a choice in the house to choose. Cooperative and polite staffs should be considered as the best when one has an option of assisted senior living option, bearing in mind that these homes provide twenty-four hours services patience and staff who can work for long hours will be appropriate.

Some of the senior parents may have challenges that will require particular attention to be taken for them, and it may not be possible to be done, but their families who may be living a far off, in order to beat this challenge one may prefer senior home as it may prove to be the best option to counter this challenge. Dignity , freedom, and safe living is what is very important to give to this elderly persons, assisted senior homes to provide this services best plus also they offer the facilities needed by most older people, this makes them most preferred among other categories of homes available in the market today.

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