Examples of Today’s Application of Artificial Intelligence

Computer scientists are busy trying to create machines which can perform tasks which would others require the human intelligence and such developments are referred to as artificial intelligence. The machines can learn from experience, and perfect human-like tasks by processing large amounts of data fed to them and discovering the patterns in the data. There are various tasks that the developments are aimed at performing such as speech recognition, decision-making, reasoning, visual perception, and problem solving among others.

Today, this technology is very popular and has a lot of impacts on major activities performed daily in any industry. One area that is applicable today though still under continuing development and research for more improvement is robots that take up roles which are risky for a person to perform such as disconnecting a bomb. It’s one of the positive implications of the technology as it protects the lives that would otherwise have been put to a risk while performing the task. Some people already are making use of this artificial intelligence in their daily lives such as seeking virtual assistance from apps that are built in tHis technology such as voice recognition apps that you can tap a microphone, ask a question or instruct it and you get results. More developments on such apps are ongoing and the anticipated is the ability of such a virtual assistant to understand the user in such a way that it recognizes the user’s needs hence customize.

In an attempt to detect fraud activities especially in transactions from a bank account, an email or text message is sent to the account details of the account holder so that they can verify if it is a genuine transaction from the account holder. A common application of artificial intelligence in a normal day is detection of email hacking and other accounts too and therefore verification is required for you to proceed with your login attempts. Artificial intelligence is therefore playing an important role in data security and also prevention if fraud since there are recorded cases of cancelled fraud transactions and also unapproved login attempts to various accounts such as email accounts. The ability to perform such tasks are usually due to enough learning whereby the computer is fed with a lot of information and examples of both fraud activities and non fraud activities hence the computer learns how to classify an activity into either a fraud or an approved one. The automotive industry has embraced this technology if artificial intelligence whereby it is possible to create cars that don’t need a driver for them to be on the road.

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