After being arrested for the third time for a driving related problem, a driver is sent to school to take some refresher courses on driving. During this time, the driver has some time to reflect, and he or she may begin to question, ” the Driving Isn’t All Bad, Is It?” Perhaps the driving is that bad, or maybe the driver was simply railroaded, but to avoid having to go through all of this schooling, the driver should seek advice from an attorney. There are attorneys in Louisiana who practice for the purpose of helping clients in such a dilemma.

Determining if the Driver is Really Such a Bad Driver

When a driver receives a traffic citation for bad driving, it is possible that the ticket was given unfairly, and the driver may need to talk to an attorney. An attorney who is well-acquainted with the traffic laws in the State of Louisiana would be the best option for the driver to go to. The attorney will be able to find out from the driver what specific infraction led to him or her getting a traffic citation to begin with.

Some Other Things to Think About

Even if it turns out that the driver actually deserved the ticket for reckless driving, the attorney may be able to work something out with the district attorney and get a lighter penalty for the driver. This would be advantageous because the attorney just might be able to keep some crippling information off the driver’s record, things that would harm his or her career. Going to the attorney could certainly give the driver assurance that his or her best interests will be served.

A Lawyer in New Orleans Who Can Help

The Law Office of Keith L. Magness serves the citizens of New Orleans, Louisiana with legal solutions concerning car accidents, truck accidents and similar situations. Potential clients can come in for an initial free consultation to see if they can be helped by the attorney. If there are any who are interested in consulting with the attorney for more information about their possible case, they can visit the website at